Kuharchik Construction Hosts Event with VP Pence and Congressman Keller

Robert Bresnahan (Kuharchik CEO) Preparing for Public Event with VP Pence

On September 1, Vice President Mike Pence and Congressman Fred Keller (PA-12) visited a facility operated by PDJ Chapter Member Kuharchik Construction (Robert Bresnahan) prior to hosting a campaign event in Exeter, PA. 

During the visit, Bresnahan met with Pence and Keller and discussed NECA’s role in the construction industry. Later, PDJ Chapter Government Affairs Coordinator Aaron Kelley discussed NECA’s apprenticeship program and labor relations activities with Keller. 

James Farrell of NECA National played a critical role in preparing for the interactions. Farrell traveled to Exeter, briefed Bresnahan before his meeting with Pence and Keller, helped draft a press release, and helped to organize the event site. 

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter congratulates Rob Bresnahan for meeting with Vice President Pence and for hosting a successful event. The Chapter also thanks James Farrell for his willingness to help Kuharchik prepare for this important government relations interaction.