Penn State Student Chapter Update

In December, the Penn State University NECA Student Chapter received several pieces of incredible news. 

First, the Student Chapter received notice that its 2020 Student Passport Initiative proposal was undergoing consideration as a finalist. In January, one student representative will travel to ELECTRI’s annual meeting to present the Chapter’s updated proposal for consideration of funding. Throughout November, the Students worked with the Philadelphia Energy Authority and Philly-based nonprofit Serenity Soular to design a “Community Solar Garden” in Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood. If this project is selected for ELECTRI’s 2020 grant, the Student Chapter will travel to Philadelphia and use the money to bring this project to life. 

Second, the Head of the PSU Department of Architectural Engineering Dr. Sez Atamturktur announced that the annual ELECTRI Green Energy Challenge (GEC) will be the final project of a Spring Semester 2020 course taught by Dr. Somayeh Asadi, the Student Chapter’s faculty advisor. This means that participating students will effectively receive academic credit for their work on this time-and resource-intensive project. 

Finally, Dr. Atamturktur offered the Chapter several opportunities for integration into Penn State’s educational environment. These include a guaranteed spot at her Department’s Career Fair, the creation of workshops from which Penn State “digital badge” credentials can be earned, and the development of a new NECA-sponsored freshman seminar related to sustainability, energy, and construction. Each will certainly have an incredible impact in the years to come! 

If you are interested in learning more about the Penn State University NECA Student Chapter or if you are seeking college interns for Summer 2020, please contact Student Chapter Liaison Aaron Kelley at or 267-872-5890.