Record Setting Applications to the NECA/IBEW 98 ATEI Program

On August 15th, annual interviews concluded for the NECA/IBEW 98 Apprentice Training for the Electrical Industry (ATEI) Program. This year, almost 90 NECA Contractor representatives and Chapter staff members participated in one of the largest selection processes in the Program’s history. In total, 1,125 applications were submitted. Of this number, 800 applicants took the Program’s aptitude test. Over 350 passed with a qualifying score of five or above, earning them an in-person interview.  

Both the Chapter and IBEW LU 98 greatly appreciate the time and commitment of our contractor members during this selection process. It is vital that this program selects only the most qualified and skilled applicants, as our contractors must continue having access to the best and most motivated apprentices in the industry. Please make use of the apprentices available to you.