Archives for April 2020

Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter Designates Philanthropic Efforts to Help Fight COVID-19

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA has donated to 20 health care facilities, systems, or foundations throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Each recipient has had a good relationship with NECA Contractors. These recipients include: Bryn Mawr Hospital (Mainline Health) Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Christiana Hospital Doylestown Hospital Health Foundation… Read more

U.S. Congress Addresses COVID-19 Pandemic

In March, three major pieces of federal legislation aimed at addressing the Coronavirus Pandemic were made law: First was H.R. 6074 , the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. This Bill directed government funds to federal agencies in order to begin addressing the pandemic and setting the stage for future recovery efforts…. Read more