Rob Triplett

Advocacy Month

In February 2021, the Penn-Del-Jersey and Western PA Chapters, NECA jointly hosted the first ever NECA Virtual Advocacy Month. This program was created as a COVID-safe replacement for the Chapters’ Annual Harrisburg Advocacy Day. In total, the virtual program featured 16 policy meetings with Pennsylvania legislators and six group presentations… Read more

Diversity & Inclusion Event

On March 29, the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee hosted its first public “D&I Program.” During the event, NECA General Counsel Jef Fagan offered an update on NECA National’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force and its work. He also discussed the meaning of discrimination and implicit bias…. Read more


NECA NOW was held on April 13 and 14, 2021. This two day conference focused on leadership development with presentations by top business experts. The virtual event included four Plenary Sessions that began and ended with professional and personal development insights contractors can draw inspiration from, delivered by nationally known keynote… Read more

New Podcast: “The NECA Connection”

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA is proud to announce the creation of its brand new podcast, “The NECA Connection.” This podcast will feature news updates, special guest interviews, and upcoming event information available at times convenient for our members to listen to it. Each episode will be roughly five minutes in… Read more

Diversity Apprenticeship Video

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter is excited to share a new video displaying the benefits and diversity of our apprenticeship programs. This video will be used by our JATCs as a recruitment tool to reach more diverse communities and apprenticeship applicants.  This video can be found on the Chapter website Media Page and on… Read more

“Where Are They Now?” – Jordan Crolly: Former Penn State Student Chapter President

In 2013, the Penn State Student Chapter won second place in ELECTRI’s Green Energy Challenge. This was thanks in part to Student Chapter President Jordan Crolly, who later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering and a Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems.  The… Read more

ELECTRI Releases Two New Research Initiatives

ELECTRI International recently announced the release of two completed research initiatives, “The Future of Line Contracting: A Workforce Transformation” and “Robots in Construction and Maintenance: Current use in Power System Work and Inside Construction”. In addition, ELECTRI has released a short video to accompany each study.  The Future of Line Contracting:… Read more

Penn State Student Chapter Excels Again!

The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter is proud to announce that the Penn State University NECA Student Chapter was named NECA’s 2020 Student Chapter of the Year! Announced at the NECA Live Convention, this award annually recognizes the most successful of NECA’s 38 Student Chapters in community service, industry engagement, and event participation. The… Read more

Chapter Year-end Charitable Donations

Near the end of 2020, the Chapter made donations to twenty (20) separate charitable organizations as part of our “20 for 20” Campaign. Thanks to our Division Chairs, we were able to make a contributions to at least one charitable organization in each Division. These organizations include: Habitat for Humanity  Chapel of… Read more

New “Industry Hour” Series

New in 2021, the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter is hosting a series of monthly webinars to educate Member Contractors on the value-added services our Associate Members provide. Below is a schedule and list of “Industry Hour” topics covered: Date Speaker Program Topic 1 Monday, January 25, 2021 Larry Bradley (NEBF) Leadership, Customer Service,… Read more