Labor Relations

We value our long record of constructive and responsible labor relations. Our policy is that every effort should be made by all parties to improve labor-management relations. Through this effort we can accomplish our goal – to improve the maximum productivity per manhour of labor to meet competition and to promote consumer use of our highly trained and skilled electrical craftsmen.

All of our programs and procedures are designed with rational and peaceful approaches for the settlement of disputes, avoidance of strikes, work stoppages and jurisdictional disputes.

With the IBEW we have developed the National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC). The goal of the NLMCC is to improve the relationship between signatory employers and the IBEW at all levels. The NLMCC explored ways to work together and become more competitive by increasing employment opportunities and promoting the value of union electrical work.

The Council on Industrial Relations (CIR) is a forum, mutually endorsed by NECA and the IBEW, which meets to resolve labor-management disputes which cannot be resolved at the local level. The goal of the CIR is to maintain full and uninterrupted productivity while striving for the most economically realistic terms of employment.

Our cooperative efforts with the IBEW have made it possible to safeguard our labor relations, always mindful of our members’ business interests and the goals of the electrical industry.