“Being a part of the NECA Penn State Student Chapter has greatly benefited me in that I was able to receive valuable real world experience. I was given a challenge that allowed me to apply my strong skills and experience to a real world project. Being involved with NECA has also given me the opportunity to expand my network and develop stronger bonds with my peers. Overall I am happy to say that I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization and would highly recommend to any student at Penn State looking to obtain real world, applicable experience to join the student chapter.”
Jonathon Graterol
“As a student member of NECA, I have received numerous benefits. This group has offered what no other student organization can come close to. Besides the professional outreach and networking opportunities for the team, the NECA student chapter incorporates innovation within the electrical contracting industry. Growth is facilitated for future industry leaders. The stand-out feature of NECA is the process in which all the benefits are delivered: real-world project experience. It is this experience where the NECA student chapter excels compared to other student organizations.”
Robert Kessler
“NECA and the Green Energy Challenge have allowed me to exercise my leadership skills for a project with real world applications. The experience gained has opened many opportunities for my professional career.”
Josh Carey
“Participating in the Green Energy Challenge as a member of NECA’s Penn State Student Chapter provided great exposure to the business and career aspect after graduation. When I first interviewed with General Motors, the first thing they noticed was that we placed in the Top 3 for the 2013 GEC. I was interviewing with an engineer, and he took more notice of that, rather than another organization where we build a new racecar from the ground up each year. Being a part of NECA and participating in the GEC played a role in being offered a position within the Electrification Department at GM as a Hybrid Propulsion Development Engineer.”
Chanler Dorgan
“Joining NECA and working with an amazing group of like-minded and dedicated individuals definitely helped me to get more of a professional working experience. We are mostly used to doing all class work, but completing this project actually gave me the opportunity to work with a project I would encounter in my everyday work experience. Not only did it give me a professional boost, but it has also been a very good resume builder. In all of the interviews I’ve had, I’ve always been asked about our project. Overall I would recommend anyone and everyone to become a part of NECA and see what we do.”
Geoff Sincavage
“Being a part of the Penn State Student Chapter has not only given me the technical experience that isn’t offered in the classroom, but also gave me the interpersonal skills necessary to working on a technical team project. I gained exemplary leadership and communication skills that are invaluable during a career search. Participating in the Green Energy Challenges demonstrates to potential employers that I not only have a thrust for learning outside of the classroom, but it also shows that I have developed great time management skills. I also think that the Penn State Student Chapter has one of the best, if not the best professional chapter, Penn-Del-Jersey. Their support is unrivaled, as well as their care for the health and growth of the student chapter. Without a doubt joining the Penn State Student Chapter has been the most beneficial thing I have done during my academic career at University Park from a professional development standpoint and I highly suggest anybody looking to broaden their horizons prior to graduation to join us.”
Anthony Talarico
“I would like to thank you for all of the time and effort you have invested into our NECA Student Chapter at Penn State. You are always extremely helpful and much of what we do would not be possible without your guidance. Myself, and the chapter, really appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for us as students. The Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter of NECA has benefited myself and our student chapter here at Penn State in many ways. We have received overwhelming support throughout our experience with the Green Energy Challenge. Also, our professional networks have grown tremendously and we have gained skills that we can use for the rest of our careers. Interacting with top-notch professionals has also shown me the importance of relationships within the industry. We truly are the best student chapter in the country and this is solely because of the support that we continue to receive from the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter. Thank you again for all of your help.”
Brad Robertson
“NECA has been a great addition to my academic and professional career. Since being a part of the Penn State student chapter, I have gained great insight on how to react to real-world projects and interact with real-world professionals. Having Penn-Del-Jersey members by our side for the Green Energy project was an extremely valuable learning experience. Their assistance helped to further our project, while building professional relationships. I am exceptionally grateful for the long-term friends I’ve made through the Penn State student chapter, as well as all the steadfast and friendly communication I’ve had with members of the Penn-Del-Jersey chapter. Thank you.”
Jackie Eury
“Participating in the Green Energy Challenge through NECA has obviously provided me with a hands on, realistic experience of auditing that I would not get in any classroom or course. However, this experience has more importantly given me the confidence to rise into the professional world. After honing my skills of research, communication, and public speaking in regards to technical, energy-related information, I have taken a step from conducting myself like a student to conducting myself like a professional who’s part of one team working towards a project goal. This transition felt increasingly more tangible when networking and gaining assistance from the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter and our business contacts, such as U-GO. Now, due to these experiences, I can confidently regard myself as a valuable commodity for any company I interview with or work for in the future.”
Rosie Cianni
“Penn State University’s student NECA chapter has allowed me to be exposed to real life problems that I would not have been able to do in a classroom setting. I was able to learn a lot about construction management without having taken a class on it. Participating and presenting in The Green Energy Challenge has definitely given myself an advantage in future classes such as public speaking and Architectural Engineering construction management related courses. I am looking forward in taking a leadership role in this upcoming year and continuing to grow the chapter. I appreciate the guidance and support we have received from the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter of NECA.”
Kevin Clement