Advocacy Month

In February 2021, the Penn-Del-Jersey and Western PA Chapters, NECA jointly hosted the first ever NECA Virtual Advocacy Month. This program was created as a COVID-safe replacement for the Chapters’ Annual Harrisburg Advocacy Day. In total, the virtual program featured 16 policy meetings with Pennsylvania legislators and six group presentations or workshops.

The program included the following sessions throughout February:

  • An “Introduction and Legislative Briefing.” Aaron Kelley (PDJ NECA Government Affairs Coordinator) and Joelle Salerno (WPA NECA Government Affairs Director) briefed NECA’s top legislative priorities in Pennsylvania.
  • Two “Policy Forums” where attendees participated in an excellent discussion and offered ideas for future legislative efforts.
  • A “C-PACE Partnerships” webinar including Chris Ellis of Greenworks Lending and Matt Mahoney of PlugSmart.
  • A “Federal Legislative Update” with NECA Executive Director of Government Affairs James Farrell who presented on our Association’s federal legislative priorities.
  • A “Debriefing” of the month’s activities and special guest speaker Dennis M. Davin, Secretary of the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.

Feedback was extremely positive, and by all accounts Virtual Advocacy Month was a resounding success. Thank you to all that participated!