Celebrating Great Work in 2017 and Looking Ahead to 2018

NECA Penn-Del-Jersey held its annual membership meeting at the Union League of Philadelphia on November 21 alongside more than 150 members and guests.

Dan Hahn, Chapter President, welcomed attendees and Jeff Scarpello, Executive Director, provided State of the Chapter remarks spotlighting member efforts, achievements, and happenings in 2017.

The meeting included featured speaker Sean Parnell, U.S. Army Ranger and New York Times best-selling author, who spoke about the valuable and inspiring leadership lessons he learned while in combat that can be applicable in a business setting; and Beth Ellis, NECA National Executive Director of Convention/Exhibition, who shared an update on 2018 Philadelphia Convention and Trade Show planning.

In addition to Chapter updates, multiple awards issued throughout the evening were celebrated by all:

  • Bernie Wrobel of Pagoda Electrical, Inc. received the first-ever WIN Award for Construction Leadership Excellence
  • Robert W. Duff of Carr & Duff, Inc. received the Thomas J. Burke Labor Management Award
  • Tom McNulty, Chapter Director of Education and Safety, was honored for his contribution and the Chapter’s education classroom was officially named the Thomas J. McNulty Education Center
  • John Condi of Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. received the 75th Year Chapter Membership Anniversary Award
  • Bruce Shelly of Shelly Electric Company, Inc. received the 65th Year Chapter Membership Anniversary Award
  • Robert W. Duff of Carr & Duff, Inc., Vincent Paul Riggi of Everon Electrical Contractors, Inc., and Gerald T. Shaeffer, Jr. of William A. J. Shaeffer’s Sons, Inc. received the 40th Year Chapter Membership Anniversary Award
  • Fred Fisher of First State Electric Company received the 35th Year Chapter Membership Anniversary Award
  • Richard Heller of Vanalt Electrical Construction, Inc. received the 25th Year Chapter Membership Anniversary Award

Thank you to all who attended. We are proud of all that our members have accomplished throughout the year and we have much to look forward to in 2018.