Philadelphia C-PACE Bill Signed into Law

On August 14th, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed Bill 190412 into law, officially authorizing the creation of a Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Program in the City. This program will be administered by the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) and is expected to significantly increase the number of clean energy, water conservation, and alternative energy improvement projects in the City. 

In June of 2018, Pennsylvania became the 34th state to enable local governments to pass laws authorizing C-PACE programs within their jurisdictions. This occurred through the enactment of SB 234, a bill that the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, NECA played a large role in crafting and guiding through the state legislature. Philadelphia is the first Pennsylvanian City and third local government to authorize a C-PACE program since this bill’s passage. 

C-PACE programs incentivize energy efficiency renovations on commercial properties by providing interested property owners with a new and innovative financing option. Simply put, owners seeking private financing for qualifying projects may choose, with the approval of the financial institution and local government, to pay back relevant loans through liens on the improved property that are prioritized and paid as if they were property taxes. 

The expected impact of this bill’s passage on the Philadelphia Construction Industry is great. Because of this, NECA Contractors in the area should soon expect to see a substantial increase in the number of biddable energy efficiency improvement projects in the City of Philadelphia. Elsewhere in Pennsylvania, similarly positive impacts should be expected by NECA Contractors when C-PACE laws are adopted in their own counties and municipalities. 

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