Showing Pride at NECA’s Annual Penn State Student Chapter Event

In October, the Penn-Del-Jersey and Western PA Chapters, NECA hosted their Annual Penn State University Student Chapter Scholarship Event. This year’s event had the greatest number of contractor attendees ever. Thank you to Matt Stevenson (Eagle I. Electric), Ryan Holleran (H.B. Frazer Company), Lee Cunningham (Devon Electric), Dan Walter (NECA National), Bob Bruce (Bruce & Merrilees), Jay Bruce (Bruce & Merrilees), and Tim Schultheis (Schultheis Electric) for attending and networking with the students. Highlights of the weekend included:

  • President of Schultheis Electric, Tim Schultheis, led a construction site tour of Willard Hall.
  • Western PA and the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapters of NECA awarded four students with academic scholarships: Elijah Harvey, Nisha Labroo, Taylor Schoch, and Liam Cummings.
  • Penn State Student Chapter President Elijah Harvey gave a presentation on the activities and projects the Chapter has been participating in. 
  • The Western PA and Penn-Del-Jersey Chapters, NECA hosted a meeting and reception.

The Penn State Student Chapter is a student organization sponsored by the Penn-Del-Jersey and Western PA Chapters, NECA. If someone you know is interested in joining NECA’s Penn State Student Chapter, or if you have employment needs for engineering graduates, please reach out to Aaron Kelley at