“Where Are They Now?” – Jordan Crolly: Former Penn State Student Chapter President

In 2013, the Penn State Student Chapter won second place in ELECTRI’s Green Energy Challenge. This was thanks in part to Student Chapter President Jordan Crolly, who later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering and a Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems. 

The Chapter recently reconnected with Jordan, who is now the Lead Instructor of the Solar Energy Technology Program at The School District of Philadelphia’s Frankford High School. 

When asked about his new position, Jordan recalled: “While thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, I realized I had an interest in teaching and wanted to find a position where I could educate students on one of my passions: solar energy. I am very excited about this new role and the opportunity that comes in making a positive impact on my students’ lives.” Jordan also credited much of his professional success to involvement with the Penn State NECA Student Chapter and Green Energy Challenge. 

The Chapter is excited to follow Jordan’s career. If you have any questions about the Frankford High School Solar Energy Technology Program or would otherwise like to contact Jordan, he can be reached via email at jcrolly@philasd.org.