Business Development

Program Objectives

1. Arrange for and promote meetings of electrical contractors who are engaged in business in the Chapter’s geographical area and provide them with an effective agency through which to express their collective voice.

2. Provide opportunities in non-traditional areas such as wind, solar, battery storage, and microgrids and expand traditional areas of work.

3. Develop ideas, initiatives, and activities to make our contractors’ business better.

4. Develop partnerships, strategic initiatives and marketing ventures to promote expansion of NECA and members, such as Project Excellence Award Programs.

5. Grow the Chapter’s contractor and associate membership.

6. Work on legislative initiatives that will benefit our contractor members such as Responsible Contracting Ordinances, CPACE legislation and tax incentives to increase our contractors’ work opportunities.

7. Establish and maintain strategic relations among electrical contractors and all other branches of the electrical and construction industry.

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