What is NECA-PAC?

NECA-PAC is the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter’s local and state “Political Action Committee”. This PAC, which is funded entirely by contributions from Members like you, is the political action arm of the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter and allows us to support industry-friendly candidates in local and state-level political campaigns in Pennsylvania.

What is the history of NECA-PAC?

In 2002, the Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter established a Local Political Action Committee (NECA-PAC). This Committee was set up to help contribute to local and state candidates and legislators that are supportive of the unionized electrical industry. Since then, the PAC has received and contributed thousands of dollars to NECA-supportive candidates at the state and local levels.

Can NECA-PAC give to federal candidates?

No. Federal election laws only allow NECA-PAC to give to local and state-level candidates. However, NECA National’s federal Political Action Committee, NECAPAC, is permitted to contribute to federal candidates.

Are there contribution limits?

Not for individuals. Pennsylvania campaign finance law allows individuals to contribute without limit to any candidate or Political Action Committee, such as NECA-PAC. Corporate contributions, however, are prohibited.

How can I contribute to NECA-PAC?

If you are interested in making a contribution, please complete the form below and return it to Aaron Kelley via email ( or post (2003 Renaissance Blvd. King of Prussia, PA 19406).

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